FERMAX presents its commitment to technology at Shenzhen Expo

November 18, 2015

CPSE, the leading Asian security fair, was the venue chosen by the Spanish manufacturer to showcase its new equipment, able to link up the entire home and integrate the video entry system with the best home automation and security solutions.

Asia's largest security fair is held every two years in Shenzhen and attracts thousands of experts, customers and opinion leaders from all over the continent. On this occasion, Fermax stood out thanks to the sum of two key factors: its commitment to cutting-edge technology and smart, European-style aesthetic.

On a large 144m2 stand designed in the characteristic white shades and clear and subtle lines of the latest creations, Fermax presented its new concept: Smart Living. Smart Living is the result of enhancing the video entry system display with all the home automation and energy efficiency technologies created for the smart home and grouped around the new Dominium brand, with integrated video surveillance equipment which can be viewed from the screen.​

Fermax booth at CPSE 2015

Fermax booth at CPSE 2015

Integration of traditional Fermax technologies with these new services provides the perfect opportunity to make the new linked-up households a reality: more comfortable, safer, more efficient and more stylish. All controlled from a single, impeccably designed device.

To illustrate the possible Smart Living options, the Fermax stand presented four different sections with the most interesting features for the Asian market: comfort, safety, style and connectivity.

The star attraction in the connectivity area was LYNX, the Fermax technology based on the Full TCP/IP protocol introduced at the previous CPSE event and which now has an even more fully developed product range, having demonstrated in the field how much it has to offer such a mature market as Asia. Especially now, with more terminals, more stylish variations and a wider product range.

In comfort terms, the Fermax stand highlighted all the automatic features that Smart Living users can control: temperature, lighting, blinds… all programmed to meet the needs and preferences of each household and managed in person or remotely. Additionally, these new home automation solutions enable intelligent use of energy resources, making homes where they are installed more efficient. As for security, equipment integration lets us reinforce the video entry setup with emergency detection systems - smoke, flooding or intruder alerts - and activation of the appropriate response actions.

Fermax booth at CPSE 2015

Fermax booth at CPSE 2015

Finally, in terms of style, one of the most widely recognized features of the brand, Fermax was not about to disappoint. The company's Skyline panels - a tried and tested success - and Marine - the vandal-proof panel increasingly in demand for its look and robustness - are now joined by the VIVO colour monitor in white, grey and black. As the latest new feature, Fermax introduced its Smile Monitor with 7” touchscreen, now in TCP/IP technology, which was submitted to the verdict of an expert audience at the Expo prior to its definitive launch next year.

With the SMART LIVING option, Fermax converts the video entry system into the true heart of the household to furnish the user with complete solutions for comfort and safety in the home.