FERMAX boosts its presence in France thanks to its new commercial office in Rhône-Alpes

July 4, 2016

FERMAX RHÔNE-ALPES, the new commercial office of Fermax France, was launched Wednesday 29th June together with brand´s main partners in the region.


Having been present for many years in the French market, Fermax France has seen a continuous expansion and a constant positive turnover. The General Management decided to reinforce its presence in French territory and naturally, it has chosen the Rhône-Alpes region, one of the areas with more prospects for advancement, and a prime location to offer a closer service to its professional clients.   

Fermax opened its new office at 13 Edison Street, in Bron (Lyon), in order to welcome clients and offer training or product demonstration days. The Rhône-Alpes office team is composed of Cédric Lengelé and Jérôme Duffoux, two professionals equipped with a wealth of commercial, technical and social skills, who convey the values of service and reactivity, which are important for Fermax.



The commercial office’s opening day took place Wednesday the 29th of June in the company of more than 60 clients of the brand in the region. For this occasion, the General Director of Fermax group, M. Jeremy Palacio, was present as well as the French subsidiary management and the Rhône-Alpes team.  M. Palacio thanked clients for their confidence in the past, present and future. 



The launch of the new office has also been an opportunity to present the latest Fermax products that have recently been launched on the French market: the new DUOX system – a fully digital technology using 2 non polarized wires, the VEO monitor and the new Extra Digital Display for the DUOX panels with a 3.5” screen. 

The buzzing event marks the official start of a new stage for Fermax in the Rhône-Alpes region and the French market.