The video door entry systems as basic security element

October 17, 2016

What is the function of a video door entry system? Some users only pay attention to the comfort it offers, but its real purpose is much more important: home and/or business security. Experts in security and surveillance recommend installing video door-phone systems to avoid danger and trespassing.


Often we only come to think about security when it is too late. For instance, when we have already been burgled or feel a nearby threat due to such occurrences taking place in the  neighbourhood. It is important to anticipate such events because, as security experts advise us, we can prevent this from happening by installing video door entry and/or acess control systems.

Who opens the door to intruders?

As much as it may come to our surprise, it is often our own neighbours who open the door to thieves, who simply have to assure that they are a salesperson, postman or any other visitor to gain the confidence of the resident. For this reason, security organisations ardently advise neighbours not to activate the automatic door entry system if they do not know the identity of the visitor, otherwise they put their own security and that of their neighbours at risk.

In many cases, video door entry systems are bought after an incident or a setback that has compromised the security of a neighbourhood or household. This is no coincidence, as these types of dwellings are more exposed to thieves. Intruders see them as an easy target to act upon. It is the responsibility of property administrators and installers to advise neighbours on how to install communication systems to uphold their security, such as video door entry systems. How should we encourage a neighbourhood community to do so?


From doorman to door-phone: a simple step

Many users postpone installing video door entry systems because they think it implies construction work or high costs. Such thoughts are very often mistaken. Thanks to new technologies, such as the DUOX System from Fermax, old audio door entry systems can be replaced with cutting edge, highly aesthetic video door entry terminals, with no need to wire up the entire residence, and requiring neither builders nor painters.

The intervention of a professional installer is minimal and a substantial amount can be saved on labour costs. And what does this mean? It means that the common expenses for the neighbourhood community are practically reduced to the street panel to be installed outdoors. Moreover, it is easy for neighbours reach an agreement with these types of systems, as there is no need for everyone to choose the same option. By installing an outdoor entry panel with a videocamera, each neighbour can decide whether they want a conventional telephone or a monitor.

By installing an outdoor entry panel with a videocamera, each neighbour can decide whether they want a conventional telephone or a monitor.


The door entry panel’s videocamera can be activated from home without someone having to ring the bell: this way you can see what is going on upon hearing a strange noise.


Too many people forget the risks they take by not having a video door entry system at home. Thanks to advances in technology, video door entry system's installations are highly affordable and do not present any complications for your neighbours. Not installing a video door phone is a risk not worth taking.



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