March 15, 2018

1600 sqm of space dedicated to urban art and 20.000€ for the prize winner. These figures and the launch of the 2nd Fermax International Street Art Contest reiterates the FERMAX commitment to supporting street art around the world.

International graffiti and urban artists are invited to Valencia, Spain. Their challenge is to repaint the facade of FERMAX Headquarters to enable it to remain an iconic point of reference in the world-wide street art scene. Artists will have freedom to express their own designs and creative imagination-the only remit being to make an impact, challenge and innovate.

FERMAX walks the talk. Its commitment to Street Art was shown in 2012, when the company allowed a small group of graffiti artists to show complete freedom of expression in painting the façade of the FERMAX headquarters in Valencia. According to Corporate Development Director, Alberto Maestre, ‘It was the best thing we’ve ever done in the Branding Department. Street Art connects with our brand because we’re innovative and urban, but also because our products are a relevant part of the street. Graffiti artists Paint Street Art. We manufacture it.’


Street Art at FERMAX Headquarters, painted in 2012 by XLF crew.

This is why the launch of the 2nd International Street Art Contest by Fermax has been made official. The winner will receive 20.000€ in cash and get Fermax support in full in order to start creating on the 1600 sqm white canvas.

 The contest is ON and it has three phases:

  1. March - April. OPEN CALL to artists and teams: Submit your application
  2. May – June. 10 RUNNER UPS (1000€ each). Finalists will be chosen following quality, design and innovation criteria. Applicants will have to outline a draft and develop the project in detail (including production planning and material requirements).
  3. End of June. The winning team or artist will be chosen at FERMAX Headquarters in Valencia on the 29th of June 2018.

The jury includes urban art curator Anna Dimitrova, Elena Ravello, renowned Spanish designer Ramón Benedito and Fine Arts UPV professors Juan Canales and Juan Bautista Peiró Lopez. (See the Jury’s details here).

The 2nd International Street Art Contest follows a series of Street Art sponsorships offered by FERMAX, starting with Felipe Pantone, but also Sea Walls (Cancun, Mexico 2016), Paint Your London (2016) or Street Life exhibition (Paris, 2016).

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