Fermax for Real

New APP with Augmented Reality

Fermax for Real

CREATE YOUR DREAM HOME. See. Hear. Feel. Dream.

Download the new app from Fermax and see for yourself how our products look like in the home. With Augmented Reality everything is possible. Discover it.

With Fermax For Real all the FERMAX solutions are within your reach.

Place them in your home, view its details, different options and use them as if they were real. Choose the one which better suits your needs and try it!

Free App. Available in Apple Store, Play Store and Windows Store.

Apple, Android and Windows
AR Card

Download the instructions with the marker frame to manage models in Augmented Reality and print it. Click here

Fermax for Real - Create your dream home
Fermax for Real - View 360

The most comprehensive information in a single application:
The most outstanding products are presented in 3D, along with their commercial and technical information, options and images. Allows 360º viewing and real interaction with the product.

Fermax for Real Augmented Reality

Integrate a virtual image in a real image:
View the product in actual size. You can see how it looks in your home or on the street and use it as if it were actually installed. Additionally, you can take a picture of the final result to attach to your quote, save it or share it.

Fermax for Real - Scan

Brighten the catalogue:
Find the code AR in the catalogue pages and access extra information on each product. Interact with our products as though they were real.

Fermax for Real - New App - See how it works

Marker Fermax for Real

Download the instructions with the "marker" and print it. Click here

Put it in the place where you want to see the Fermax products. It´s the same marker for all products.