Sinan Mansions

Project details

Number of homes/users: 136
Number of accesses: 36
Address: Sinan Road, Shanghai
Country: China
Promoter: Chongbang Group

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Stories are to be found everywhere in Shanghai, and Sinan Mansion is one of the most legendary. For almost a century, Sinan Road was well known as a neighborhood of garden villas where many Chinese celebrities used to live. The former residence of Zhou Enlai, which was the Communist Party of China’s Shanghai Office before the founding of new China, is also in the vicinity.
Each of time-weathering plane trees has an anecdote to tell, let alone all the western style mansions. Ladies’ fragrance seems to linger, yet destined to vanish in the air.

Sinan Mansions are so meticulously renovated that the worn-out plank floors and handrails, antique copper doorknobs and latches, once-broken fireplace, cracked green ceramic tiles, pottery tiles, hardware and locks, decoration on the doors and plaster lines on the ceilings remain the same. Though refurbished, the Sinan Mansions maintain the antiqueness which brings visitors back to the old times.

Hotel Massenet is an integral part of the Sinan Mansions. Each of the 14 garden villas is rented as a single unit with sitting room, dinning room, kitchen, study, garage, suites and private garden. From modern, classic, chic to simplistic, the individualized design, along with 7/24 butlers and chefs, offers extraordinary household experience.