Dubai: Demanding the highest luxury

October 7, 2016

Dubai doesn’t get vertigo. You only have to take a look at the skyline of this city to confirm its passion for architecture, and for overcoming limits that were once thought impossible. In 1990, Dubai had just one skyscraper. The city now has more buildings exceeding 200 metres in height than anywhere else on the planet. Its insatiable quest to touch the sky and its love of great heights, luxury and innovation have made the architecture of Dubai, the fastest-growing city in the world, into an avant-garde benchmark.


In this article, we’ll be knocking on the doors of some of the most iconic buildings in Dubai. This is a city devoted to exclusivity, where more than 60% of hotels bask in the glow of a five-star distinction. We will go on to look at how our intercom, video intercom and access control systems have proven to be a solution capable of overcoming all kinds of challenges and adapting to the needs of the most demanding establishments.



The undulating profile of the iconic Park Place building stands in the heart of Dubai’s business centre. This skyscraper is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city. The tower houses offices, a hotel and luxury apartments. The building is one of the highest in Dubai. Its intercom system incorporates our digital MDS system, a standard technology capable of integrating multiple services and functions for complex projects, as well as 235 colour LOFT monitors inside the apartments.



Palm Jumeirah is one of the icons of Dubai. This architectural complex, which forms part of the Palm Islands project, not only occupies space in the sky, but also in the sea. Developed by Nakheel, Jumeirah is the smallest artificial island of the Palm Islands concept. It is a space dedicated to tourism and leisure, where tourists and residents can enjoy luxurious hotels, residential apartments and exclusive villas. Its 31 square kilometres of palm trees can be seen even from the International Space Station. If a six-metre wall were to be built with the sand and rock used to make this megastructure, the resulting wall would encircle the Earth three times. Palm Jumeirah is one of the biggest and most fascinating buildings in the world, and incorporates thousands of FERMAX terminals and door entry panels: from CITYMAX telephones to LOFT phones and monitors and complete solutions for villas such as our video door entry kits. The company is also presently involved with other intercom and access control projects, as in the case of Tiara Residences. 




Dubai’s internationally-shared love of Formula 1 racing and speed have made MotorCity one of the most recognised spaces on the planet. This impressive urban complex, with an area of three square kilometres, is dedicated to cars and inspired by the “need for speed”. The project is located on the outskirts of Dubai and includes a race circuit, a Formula 1 theme park, various business centres belonging to leading car brands and a large residential area comprising villas and high-end apartments, equipped with Fermax video door monitors. Our MDS Digital system connects the 3,000 apartments in Uptown Motor City with the 112 entrances that open the doors to motoring paradise. 



The exclusive Princess Tower holds the 2012 Guinness World Record for being the tallest residential tower at that time, with a height of 414 metres and 100 floors. It is currently still in the top 10 most dizzying buildings in Dubai, being the third highest skyscraper on the list and one of the wonders of the Emirate, the intercom system of which comprises, among other components, 805 telephones running the FERMAX MDS system.



This unique skyscraper, designed by the architectural studio Khatib & Alami, was considered to be the highest building in the world when it was finished in 2011.  Its 86 floors rise above the Dubai Marina, offering unparalleled sea views of one of the most exclusive corners of the world, Jumeirah Beach. The 662 deluxe dwellings that make up The Torch use Fermax LOFT telephones.


Dubai is, without a doubt, a place that seeks grandeur. The rest of the world cannot help but marvel, whether at its colossal buildings or its monumental projects. Its diverse buildings are united by one common factor: the most extreme luxury. Exclusivity and the highest possible quality in each detail of a building are prerequisites of any project. To be a part of the most iconic buildings and architectural projects in Dubai (and the United Arab Emirates in general) is a source of great pride for FERMAX, but above all else, we work towards our clients can have something in common with the most impressive buildings in the world: the best audio and video door entry systems and access controls that combine unique design with the latest technology.


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