Introducing FERMAX General Catalogue 2018: The essential toolkit for professionals

February 21, 2018

FERMAX launched its 2018 General Catalogue for intercom, security and home automation specialists. This essential toolkit allows both new installers and seasoned experts to stay up to date with the industry and proficient with their works. In 2018, FERMAX has redesigned its general catalogue to make it even more user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use for installers and system integrators.

2018 General Catalogue Front Cover


FERMAX General Catalogue is divided in technologies for Homes, Businesses and Building solutions. The installation’s system is the first choice professionals make when undertaking a project. In this new catalogue technical sections have been grouped. Professionals can find datasheets, specifications, system features, diagrams and projects in each technical section.



As always, FERMAX KITS take over the first chapter. Cutting edge new technologies like DUOX and LYNX follow. Then, FERMAX classic technologies: VDS-MDS and analogue systems. To complete the range of solutions, the catalogue presents Access Control systems. FERMAX new Catalogue is displayed in a concise, simple way for optimized decision-making. It puts cutting-edge technology and innovative design at the service of the customer.


After VEO and VEO-XS monitors’ success in late 2017, FERMAX updated his flagship technology DUOX with Photocaller. This function automatically takes a picture of calling visitors (stores up to 150 pictures and it can be disabled). Furthermore, this 2-wires full digital technology from FERMAX is quick to install, easy to program and customisable. Each resident can choose the indoor terminal: VEO and VEO-XS monitors (video) or LOFT telephone (audio). DUOX allows the installer to provide more flexibility to end-users.


DUOX by FERMAX benefits for intercom and security professionals


DUOX is the key for future improvements, and FERMAX keeps up the development of new technologies in order to provide high-end, innovative features to mass markets. 


This year, LYNX (high end IP Entry System for huge condominiums) includes an upgraded Call Divert App. When a visitor rings, this App sends the call on the user’s phone, when he is not in the home. Then, the user can open the door, talk, or just ignore the call. 




Though, the big IP launching for FERMAX in 2018 is MEET. This new Door Entry System technology is P2P SIP infrastructure-based. It is a highly efficient, flexible and quality product, and most importantly: it has a competitive price. Its great value for money and excellent performance makes it the next great FERMAX success.

MEET by FERMAX door entry solutions


In brief, the 2018 edition of FERMAX catalogue presents a complete range to improve homes and buildings communication, security and comfort. FERMAX adapts to all the markets, allowing professionals to present personalised quotations for any type of project.


The digital version of FERMAX General Catalogue 2018 is available at Those who prefer the printed version can request a hard copy by email at