Argentine Artist PASTEL wins ART FACTORY, the Fermax International Street Art Contest

June 29, 2018

Pastel, the internationally-renowned architect and mural artist from Buenos Aires (Argentine), has won Art Factory, the second Fermax Street Art Contest. His project will adorn the façade of the company's headquarters from September onwards. The location of the Fermax building on a popular street corner of Valencia has long been a legendary area for fans of street art. Now, the artist’s contribution to the 1,600m2 façade of the building will take this area to a whole new level.

As an artist, Pastel has travelled the world and amazed international fans with his productions, invading the edges of buildings, façades, boundary walls and corners with enormous natural elements (usually flowers).  However, these plants and flowers represent more than just decoration: they constitute the symbols and the memory of the spirit of all things local, and they aim to create a space for dialogue between humans and the urban environment.

Jury 2nd Fermax International Street Art Contest: Art Factory

Pastel began to produce his street art in Buenos Aires in 2009, fast becoming an internationally sought-after artist that has now produced work across all five continents of the world: Paris, Ostende, Albuquerque, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Azores, Ho Chi Minh, Helsinki and Manila. 

Kiev (Ucrania)
Kiev (Ukraine)
Paris (Francia)
Paris (France)
Oslo (Noruega)
Oslo (Norway)
Trosterud (Noruega)
Trosterud (Norway)

Pastel will arrive in Valencia in August to begin bringing his award-winning design to life. The new façade of the Fermax building will be ready for its official presentation at the beginning of September.

The choice of Pastel has been the responsibility of the same jury that made the previous selection. The jury was composed of a representation from the organizing brand, with two representatives of Fermax (Alberto Maestre, corporate development director, and Silvia Dolón, branding responsible of Fermax Spain and Portugal) and Ramón Benedito, the designer of most of Fermax products. The technical part of the jury was represented by Anna Dimitrova, cultural manager and outstanding gallerist who promotes the work of graffiti artists from all latitudes, together with Juan Canales and Juan Bautista Peiró López, professors from the Polytechnic University of Valencia who are directly involved in the development of urban art. 

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