Fermax’s Connectivity means being able to be where you want to be...and be at home at the same time.

It is about digitalising your home without changing the old Video Door Entry System. You can also choose the most avantgarde equipment or integrate Home Automation to make your daily life easier.

Fermax’s Connectivity means making the Digital Home a familiar, close and useful experiencie. Just check it out.

Because if you have Fermax, you’re already connected.





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The new advanced DUOX system offers much more: DUOX PLUS. Higher performance and increased capacity, faster and more user-friendly, But above all, it brings us to a new technological dimension destined to define the future of video door systems.

DUOX PLUS brings the most powerful 2-wire digital system to your home.

With DUOX PLUS, Fermax opens up the world of connectivity to any type of building and home, incorporating call forwarding to mobiles phone on even the most basic monitors. Download the free BLUE application and connect to your home.



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FERMAX MEET IP technology is a 100% IP system for residential communication. The possibility of receiving calls on your mobile phone comes as standard. You just need to have a monitor installed in the property. Download the MEET ME free application and connect up to 8 smartphones from the same apartment.

Installation couldn’t be easier, since no additional device is required. It is just necessary to connect MEET’s IP network to the Internet. This simplicity is due to MEET ME Cloud


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If you have a FERMAX monitor or telephone with VDS technology in your home, you can now divert calls to your smartphone. And no matter how old your equipment is.

You just need the new Wi-Box from Fermax to be able to stay connected to your home from anywhere in the world and enjoy your free time even when you’re not at home. You only have to download the App and pair the Wi-Box with your WiFi network.


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The KIT WAY-FI gives you TOTAL FREEDOM. With Wi-Fi connectivity built into your monitor, you can divert your video door entry system to your smartphone, receive the call, answer and open the door if you want.

No matter where you are, you can always do it your way, the easiest way. Do it your Way when you’re away!




Fermax apps are free and compatible with Android and IOS

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If you want to follow the BLUE pairing process in a video click here


If you want to follow the WI-BOX pairing process in a video click here


If you want to follow the pairing process in a video ANDROID click here iOS click here