New Products

Way Kit

Kit Way


For those who like to do things differently, Fermax presents the new Way Kit.

Choose among 20 different melodies, customise the monitor’s settings, record videos and capture images of your visits and all of this in a single Kit!

Easy installation 
2 non-polarized wire technology.Plug & Play.

Attractive design
7’’ touch screen. User friendly monitor. Slim & surface-mounted panel with hood included.

Advanced features
Pictures Capture. Intercommunication between 2 monitors. Videos record with a SD card. Call records list

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LYNX System

LYNX, the new concept from FERMAX


LYNX, the new concept from FERMAX, technologically based on a full TCP/IP system that provides state-of-the-art management of communication, security with simplicity of use for the world's most prestigious residential and commercial complexes. 

With the development of the LYNX system, Fermax successfully combines the features and flexibility offered by TCP/IP technology with practical solutions to the needs of architectural and systems designers, and ultimately end users.






Today, the strength of stainless steel has a new purpose:
to help FERMAX Video and Audio Entry Panels face the most extreme challenges.

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DUOX System

DUOX lo cambia todo


Duox is the first fully digital system in 2-wire technology. It is the most technologically advanced system in the world, allowing an installation in two non-polarized wires (audio, video and data).

No more mix-ups, connection incompatibilities and impossible installations. DUOX is the latest audio digital technology which means a technological and innovative leap in the market.


SMILE Monitor



Smile, the hands-free and extra slim monitor, is presented with a compact and essential design. An advanced home management system, high-performance and easy to use thanks to its user friendly interface that takes the language of the latest technologies as its own.

A new colour monitor concept that can be installed surface or flush mounted. Smile is presented with a colour TFT screen that can be 7” or 3,5”.

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