Technology: 2 non polarised wires

Kit Way
Kit Way

For those who like to do things differently, Fermax presents the Way Kits for residential and commercial use



Fermax Kit Way: all-in-one intercom solutions

Way Kit for 1&2 residences

REF. 1401 1/W video way kit
The kit includes:

  • 1/W video door entry panel with hood.
  • 7” TFT colour monitor with touch screen.
  • Power supply.

REF. 1402 2/W video way kit
The kit includes:

  • 2/W video door entry panel with hood.
  • 7” TFT colour monitor with touch screen (two units).
  • Power supply.


The WAY KIT can be extended with a 2nd monitor in the interior of the residence without extra power supply.

Extensions for 1/W video Way kit: 

  • Monitor.

Extensions for 2/W video Way kit:

  • Monitor (for 1st house).
  • Monitor (for 2nd house).
WAY KIT PROX: Intercom Set with proximity reader

WAY Kit with proximity reader

The kit includes:

  • 1/W video door entry panel with proximity reader.
  • 7 proximity keyfobs: 2 master keyfobs + 5 keyfobs for users.
  • 7” TFT colour capacitive screen WAY monitor.
  • Hood: to protect the outdoor panel in rainy areas.
  • Power supply.



It is possible to get additional keyfobs or keycards.



REF. 1418  WAY RELAY: The new WAY relay activates an additional function as opening a second door with no extra wiring.

Kit Way Monitor

Monitor Specifications

  • Power supply for monitor: DC 24~28V.
  • Power consumption: Standby 12mA; Working 350mA.
  • Monitor screen: 7 Inch digital colour TFT.
  • Capacitive touch screen.
  • Video signal: 1 Vpp, 75Ω, CCIR standard.
  • Wiring: 2 wires, no polarity.
  • Dimensions: 225(W) x 131(H) x 18(D)mm.
Kit Way platines

Panel Specifications

  • Zamak.
  • Large backlighted cardholder.
  • Rainy hood for surface mounting.
  • Colour CCD camera with high sensitivity.
  • Auto-sensor led illumination.
  • One relay lock control.
  • Dimensions: 95(W) x 155(H) x 25(D)mm.
  • Needs to be installed with hood.
  • Power-supply included in the kit limited for a 12Vdc 250A door-lock.
Placa Way Prox - Outdoor Entry System

Panel with proximity reader

  • Made of 316 stainless steel with high resistance.
  • Surface mounted (44 mm with the hood).
  • CCD wide angle colour camera (angle: 104º).
  •  Blue backlighted cardholder, with lighting change according to the status of the panel: calling, conversation, door open.
  • Large proximity reader.
  •  One relay lock control.
  •  Hood included, to be installed with the outdoor panel.
  • The power supply included is sufficient for a door lock
    requiring 12Vdc max 250mA.