DUOX Audio

An innovation that completely alters the status quo. Technology that sets a benchmark.
Installations become quicker and simpler, a new way of thinking.
Duox by Fermax is here….it changes everything.
DUOX is the latest audio digital technological and innovative leap in the intercom market.

Flexibility - Simplicity

  • Simplicity of installation. Duox is a unique 2 wire, now polarized, digital system for the intercom market, offering a technological advantage over other systems. Two communication channels can be used simultaneously.
  • Maximum flexibility. Allows all wiring configurations: star, daisy chain etc., works with various existing wiring and with virtually any cable on the market. Bliss for distributors!
  • Less equipment: does not require distributors or panel switchers. Just the panel, power supply, line termination and the handsets are all that is required to complete the installation.
  • Changes everything. Without wiring restrictions, DUOX is designed to be installed either as a new installation or as an upgrade to an existing.
  • The system with the most capacity on the intercom market, (number of users, blocks, guard units, access controls, extended functions). Up to 999,999 users or addresses!

All this and more awaits you with the new AUDIO DUOX SYSTEM by FERMAX

Discover the Duox Audio ESSENTIAL GUIDE here.

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