LYNX. The most advanced TCP/IP System

LYNX, the new concept from FERMAX, technologically based on a un full TCP/IP system that provides state-of-the-art management of communication, security with simplicity of use for the world's most prestigious residential and commercial complexes.

With the development of the LYNX system, Fermax successfully combines the features and flexibility offered by TCP/IP technology with practical solutions to the needs of architectural and systems designers, and ultimately end users.

- Technical capabilities without constraints.
- Virtually unlimited number of units can run under one Lynx installation.
- Unlimited distances from end to end of an installation.
- Multichannel for conversations and data flows, with unlimited capacity.

P.S.U. DIN6 100-240VAC/12VDC-2A

P.S.U. DIN6 100-240VAC/12VDC-2A

Ref: 4813

Used to power the different equipment in a Fermax installation.
Constructed in self-extinguishing VO material.
Includes a set of covers to protect the...
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970013I Lynx Monitors V11_16


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