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[LYNX] - New FW Version LYNX v3 available

February 10, 2017

New LYNX FW version available for all LYNX products range.
This version includes new functions, improvements and new graphical design for VIVO, Smile, Panels and PMU Software. In this article you will find all details and the corresponding links to upgrade your installation.

New LYNX version available.
From now onwards the mentioned LYNX products will be delivered with version v03.

SMILE MONITORS - F01650,  F01651,  F01652
VIVO MONITORS - F01620,  F01640,  F01641
VIVO+ MONITORS - F09460,  F09461,  F09462

Available versions (direct download)

SMILE (v3)

VIVO (v3)

PANEL (v3)

PMU v(3)

This version includes several improvements and important changes in LYNX panels and monitors:

  • Audio protocol & quality improvements.
  • Optimization of CPU & RAM resources to make the system more stable.
  • Upgrading punctual problems solved with a better upgrading process.
  • DHCP & Static IP Addressing, apart from standard LYNX IP Addressing.
  • RSTP instead of ONVIF for CCTV integration.
  • New icons in VIVO and SMILE monitors.
  • Push-to-Talk function in VIVO monitors.
  • IP shown in boot-up process.
  • Panic P&- is activated when button is pressed, not released.
  • Improvements in bitrate & data transmission.
  • Improvements in internal database management (agenda, load&save).
  • Call Divert function compatibility for VIVO, SMILE and VIVO+.


The PMU Software has been also redesigned

  • New user Interface.
  • Windows 10 compatibility for PMU Software.
  • More stability when using several network cards on PC.
  • Improvements for PMU-PMU audio conversation.
  • Echo cancelation for Hands-Free communication with LYNX devices.
  • Possibility to select 2 audio outputs: 1 for conversation and 1 for ringtone.
  • New USB-dongle for PMU. Plug&Play Driver.
  • More compatibility with webcams.
  • SQL Server has been removed to use its own embedded database.
  • Notifications are shown although the PMU is minimized.
  • LYNX device management function included for a better remote management.

The corresponding new manuals have been uploaded to our website:
     Cod.970020I – Lynx Panel’s webserver
     Cod.970013I – Lynx Monitors: Programming Manual
     Cod.970019I – Lynx Display Module
     Cod.970014I – Digital Lynx Panel: Installer Manual
     Cod.970015I – Digital Lynx Panel: Programming Manual
     Cod.970016I – Lynx Kit Panel
     Cod.970021I – Property Management Unit


Additional notes

  • New LYNX version v3 release is not compatible with previous versions of LYNX (v02). Please keep this into consideration when installing or upgrading to LYNX v3.
  • iLOFT LYNX v3 version is not available yet. For the moment, do not upgrade to LYNX v3 in those installation where iLOFT LYNX has been installed.
  • New PMU v3.0 version is based on a new USB-Dongle. The previous one is not compatible anymore. We will contact you from after-sales department in order to arrange the corresponding replacement/upgrade.
    ​For the PMU v2 we have created a replacement code PVT01610.