New "essential?" video door entry system of Fermax. Simple and functional. Comfort and ease.

The new "essential?" of Fermax

The new Fermax monitor is even simpler and more functional. A synthesis that takes design and performance to their most essential expressions, in a monitor specially designed for those users who decide to take the leap into video.

A new member in the home for those seeking comfort and ease when communicating.

The Hands-free VEO-XS monitor is extra user-friendly thanks to a compact, slim design that features an intuitive menu and simple keypad layout. Constructed of high-impact ABS plastic, the textured finish allows for easy cleaning and protection from UV damage.

Both VEO and VEO-XS include a 4,3” colour TFT screen.

Advanced management, hands-free communication, high-performance features and user friendly.

Smile is a new video entry experience. It is cool and smart. With a design that allows its perfect integration in any surrounding. Smile, the most universal monitor from FERMAX.

An advanced management monitor, with hands-free communication, high-performance features and user friendly.

Colour TFT screen, available in 7” or 3,5”. Flush or surface mounted

High technology designed beautifully.

A statement of style. IP technology,

The Vivo monitor – created with elegance and uncompromising European style. Making a fashionable statement for the most prestigious residential developments around the world.

Featuring a capacitive touch screen, the VIVO monitor operation flows naturally.

To provide comprehensive and effective control over communication, security and comfort, VIVO embraces multi-task functionality and a staggering range of product features.

Top of the range model. Available in Colour.

Hands-free colour video monitor. Compact and extra slim. Its essential design features a transparent polycarbonate sheet, a singular audio output, multifunction buttons and a TFT screen displaying top quality and clarity.

Flush-mounted or surface installation.

The integrated digital audio technology ensures a high quality hands-free communication without interferences.

Hands-free operation. Digital audio technology.

The iLOFT telephone is a compact and extra slim door entry system that works in hands-free communication with the outdoor panel.

The integrated digital audio technology ensures a high quality, hands-free communication without interferences.

Surface installation.

Made of high-impact ABS plastic. It has many attachment points for wall mounting.

Functionality and design.

The LOFT telephone is made of high-impact ABS plastic with a texturised finish for easy cleaning and ultraviolet protection. It has many attachment points for wall mounting, as well as coiled cord with telephone plug connectors.

Older telephones of other brands can be replaced.

Replacement phones can substitute most standard phones of other brands, both of the buzzer and electronic varieties, as well as older Fermax models.

This allows the equipment can be updated without affecting the rest of the system (outdoor panel or wiring).

It is made of high-strength ABS plastic, has textured finish for easy cleaning, and ultraviolet protection for greater light resistance.