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Now with PHOTOCALLER, more security and comfort at the same price.

New function for VEO and VEO-XS DUOX video door entry systems. It captures up to 150 images of visitors, indicating the date and time.




VEO-XS Monitor

VEO-XS by Fermax


VEO-XS is an essential development of the Veo monitor. It is a practically indispensable option for those users who want to make the leap into video, enjoying the simplicity, service and comfort of hands-free technology.

Its reduced size combined with its high-quality materials and excellent finish, make this monitor the ideal accessory for any modern, functional home, integrating seamlessly and adding a touch of quality to any living space.


VEO by Fermax

VEO by Fermax


Just Essential

The new Fermax monitor is even simpler and more functional. A synthesis that takes design and performance to their most essential expressions, in a monitor specially designed for those users who decide to take the leap into video.  

A new member in the home for those seeking comfort and ease when communicating.





Inkey is the new generation biometric fingerprint control from Fermax, able to provide maximum reliablility, robutsness and adaptability.

With capacitive fingerprint reader and a built-in proximity reader as standard issue ensuring total reliability.



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DUOX System

DUOX lo cambia todo


Duox is the first fully digital system in 2-wire technology. It is the most technologically advanced system in the world, allowing an installation in two non-polarized wires (audio, video and data).

No more mix-ups, connection incompatibilities and impossible installations. DUOX is the latest audio digital technology which means a technological and innovative leap in the market.