FERMAX takes a new approach with VEO-XS: The extra small door entry monitor with maximum performance

18 avril 2017

The latest product from Fermax is a trend-setting new design: a small, slim and aesthetically impeccable monitor with a perfect finish which can be placed anywhere in a home or office. It is a hands-free device able to be controlled with just one finger, offering all the features required of a modern video door entry system- and it all works with DUOX technology.

This ‘extra-small’ product is designed to take up a large space in the video door market as, either for aesthetic or space-saving reasons, many developers and users prefer a smaller format. To attend these demand, trend-setting company Fermax has just introduced its new VEO-XS monitor, a small and extraordinarily slim video door entry system with top-quality design and finish which provides the best performance. As it is a product that uses DUOX, Fermax full digital technology which operates on two non-polarised wires, it is as easy to use as it is to install and programme.

VEO-XS by Fermax

It is all about a video door entry system that includes as standard all the features that we now consider to be essential or fundamental for this kind of equipment: from the image and volume control down to the selection of ringtones or silent mode. A device that is also able to open a second door, switch on additional lights or call the concierge. It even includes ‘doormatic’ mode, a function which, when activated, opens the door automatically upon receiving a call, as is required in many offices and businesses.

In terms of installation, VEO-XS has the advantage of having been particularly designed for DUOX technology, meaning that the programming and wiring is very simple. These benefits are useful in new constructions. The advantages are even more valuable when replacing old systems, as DUOX can be installed with the previous wiring. Fermax also offers a decorative frame, so that the monitor can fit in any space where there used to be a telephone, without having to do any touch ups.

VEO-XS by Fermax

In short, we foresee great success for this new design: its ‘extra-small’ format makes the successful design of the VEO range even more attractive, as well as its many advanced features, those functions which we already consider ‘essential within the industry.

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