Innovation in kits: They´ve got everything!

5 avril 2013

Fermax surprises again with its new kit proposal. A collection that offers in a single reference, all the necessary equipment required for a video installation of up to 8 apartments, monitors included. These kits have got everything!: 1 reference = 1 video door complete installation. The integrated terminal is the iLOFT PURE, that with fine design and the possibility to install it surface mounted, becomes the main novelty of this interesting proposal.

New iLOFT Pure kits
The new kits that Fermax introduces in the market have it all: the outdoor panel and its flush box, the power supply and when necessary, the distributors and the extension modules. And now, for the first time, the monitors are included as well. All in a compact packaging, exceptional for its sturdiness and easy storage. 




The iLOFT PURE monitor, is the star product of this family of kits, it is a terminal with a compact size, slimline profile and minimalist aesthetic that has conquered the most demanding architecture and that will now multiply its presence in the domestic market thanks to these kits. 

iLOFT PURE Monitor

This monitor is prepared for surface installation, so that it can be used in new construction or in replacement works. The terminal has a 3,5” colour screen, maximum sound quality and hands free operation. In addition, it includes new user options such as tone selection and do-not-disturb function. For the installer the main advantage is that it may be programmed directly from the installed monitor with no need to intervene from the outdoor panel. 

Outdoor Cityline Panel
Fermax proposal for outdoors, are the Cityline panels with pushbuttons: a sure value resulting from putting together the classic aesthetic, robustness and reliability. With colour camera which includes illuminating LEDs for night vision.
These iLOFT kits include VDS digital technology, so installation can be carried out with 3 wires + coaxial, CAT5 UPT cable or 5-wire. It even allows to convert an analogue door entry into a digital video entry system. The same technology can also expand the installation with a second access and additional terminals (one monitor or two telephones).



La colección de kits de vídeo iLOFT PURE está compuesta por:

Kit 1 apartment: ref.5021       Kit 2 apartments: ref.5022           Kit 3 apartments: ref.5023

Kit 4 apartments: ref.5024        Kit 6 apartments: ref. 5026       Kit 8 apartments: ref. 5028