Fermax Warsaw. New offices for new era

26 juin 2013

The attractive neighborhood of Prague, symbol in Warsaw for a new way of urban life, is the place chosen for the new Fermax office in Poland. In these new premises, the brand offers more accessibility as well as a better service.

Our recently inaugurated commercial office is the most evident sign of Fermax investment in the polish market. Very accessible for the customers, these new premises are located in a relatively new area in the most innovative neighborhood of Warsaw, located near the Central Station and the New National Stadium. In these new offices Fermax has more and better equipment with enough space to organize seminars and product trainings. In short, it is about offering a quicker technical and commercial support with a better quality reinforcing the brand image to strengthen our presence in the country. Because Fermax looks into the long-term in Poland.

Fermax, who initiated its commercial presence in the country a few decades ago, established its subsidiary in 2007. Fermax opted in a first stage to adapt its structure, its strategy and its products to the local market. In fact, Fermax offers a catalogue with special references capable of answering to the specific lifestyles and tastes of the region; apart from the new offices in Warsaw, Fermax has its logistic center located in Poznan.

Fermax is consolidating its presence and innovating in technological developments to offer cutting edge services to help its customers in a moment when the polish market is living a positive turning point in the real-estate sector.

This new office is then much more than just a new facility: it is a new starting point to face the immediate future, would you like to visit it? You may find us at: ul. Mińska 63a lok. 241C (budynek Pryzmat), 03-828 Warszawa. Arrange your visit by calling +48 22 330 81 50