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How to set NVR Video Recorders to get RTSP video from LYNX panels

26 juin 2017

This article explains in detail how to get RSTP from LYNX panel cameras in our NVR (CCTV Integration).
New function available since LYNX v3.1 onwards.

LYNX PANELS – Streaming & NVR


From FERMAX technical department, we will explain how to set up a Hikvision recorder and how to record RTSP video streaming from FERMAX LYNX panels. First of all, it is necessary to remark that we need to use a NVR (Network Video Recorder) with an HDD and we need to connect it to our LYNX network. On this article we will explain the steps to follow in order to configure this feature properly in our system.



This is the equipment used for this article.

  • VIVO Monitor
    (SMILE LYNX monitor also possible)

  • SKYLINE LYNX digital panel
    (pushbutton panel also possible).

  • NVR Hikvision DS-7604
    This is a HIkVision video recoder of DS7600 Series. All tests and configuration explained on this article can be applied to all video recorders of this series since the main difference between them are just the number of ports and supported bandwidth.



- STEP1 - Versions
Confirm correct LYNX versions. It is important that all LYNX equipment have the latest versions released. Note that RTSP DVR function (streaming) is available in LYNX panels since v03.01.000 onwards. You can download these versions on the following links:

LYNX PANELS v03.01.000



- STEP2 - Network configuration
Set up a LAN with all devices connected. It is important that all devices belong to the same LAN, with a proper IP Addressing and subnet masks.

LYNX devices has the following IPs / Mask by default

  • Monitors: /
  • Digital Panels: /
  • Pushbutton Panels : /
  • Villa Panels: /


HikVision NVR has the following IP / Mask by default

  • NVR HIK DS-7604: /

To set up this IP addressing, we can download the following software from FERMAX website.


Run the software, it will auto-detect the NVR by MAC Address and it will allow us to change the IP addressing accordingly.

In Online Devices, we can see all NVR Hikvision equipment connected to the network. These devices are detected by MAC address, our NVR will appear on this screen with IP Select it and click on “Add to Client”

The next window will appear, allowing us to change basic parameters:

In our case, we have changed the IP to

Now we can access to its webserver from our PC-Laptop (connected to the same LAN), to check out the rest of parameter.

We will use the “LOGIN” we have just created:


- STEP 3 - Equipment configuration

Once all the equipment is in the same LAN, we can configure our panes an video recorder using our laptop.

1. Enter in panel’s website to set up DVR function

General Entrance:
Block Entrance:
Villa Panel:

Audio & Video settings:

Check DVR function and click on SAVE.

2. Access to NVR webserver

Once the IP has been changed and set to our LAN (using iVMS Software), we can access to the webserver of our NVR with the login (“user/password”) created in STEP 2:


On this screen, we will be able to add a new IP Camera. In our case, click on “ADD” and set up the IP of our LYNX Digital Panel:

The streaming of our LYNX PANEL camera is always on the following path: rstp://Panel_IP
Therefore, when we register our camera, we need only to set our Panel’s IP.

Then, the panel’s camera will be registered into the NVR and it will be detected automatically. Additionally, depending on the NVR, we will have different settings to start/stop video recording, mosaic view or stream type:

3. Set LiveView

Now we can go to LiveView and check that our LYNX PANEL sends streaming to RTSP and this audio&video is received properly in out NVR.

When our panel is in conversation (Camera LEDs ON), the video will appear in our LiveView screen accordingly:

ANNEX: Recording

If we install HardDriveDisk (HDD) into our NVR, we can also record all audio/video streaming from our panels. For this task, we must configure the HDD properly, depending on our NVR device. For example: