How much does it cost to install a video door entry system in a building?

December 7, 2016


The average cost of a video door entry system in a residential building including a mid-range indoor terminal is around € 200 per residence (+ VAT). The investment when installing a video intercom is slightly higher than integrating an door phone (audio door entry system) but the video door entry system increases the security and functionalities available in the home. A video intercom installation in a residential building supposes only 0,2 € per each 100 € of the total cost of the property. It barely represents 0,2% of the total cost. From the point of view of the contractor, price and aesthetics are the two main points to consider when installing a door entry. In the lastest years, despite the introduction of important technological innovations (digital systems, capture of images, call divert to the smartphones), the price of a mid-range video door entry sytstme has been reduced by approximately 50%.

Opting for an audio or video door entry system in a large building is an important decision. However, sometimes it is a mistake to only consider price, without taking into account all the variants that come into play. The outlay involved in the installation of a video door entry system, when it is about an investment as high as that involved in the construction of a large building, is relatively low. And it is especially low in comparison with the benefits a video door entry system offers. 


The video door entry system as an investment in security

One of the big differences between the two systems is that with a monitor, we have complete security, knowing who we are talking with and to whom we give access to our home. The traditional audio system (telephone) forces us to trust the voice alone and can give rise to misunderstandings and even to compromising situations.

But also, the communication system can affect the image of the building for the end-user or future residents. The video door entry system is a visible element and a reference for the buyer regarding the qualities of the building. A video door entry system lets a potential buyer see that the building has to optimal standards. On the other hand,an audio door entry system creates the impression that it is a low-cost construction which may have cut back on other important costs in the building.

"The video door entry systems is a visible element that serves as a reference to the buyer regarding the quality of the building."


A video door entry system is highly appreciated by the end user, as the security provided by this system for the community is widely recognized. For example, elderly people who live alone appreciate having the certainty of knowing who is calling them. It is also an important safety factor in the case of children who can be viewed via the monitor. The customer satisfaction is so high that anyone who has previously used a video door entry system will always want to have one.


Why does DUOX system offer the greatest installation advantages?

Fermax DUOX technology, the first full digital system in 2 non polarised wires, goes a step further with its professional features, simplifying the installation with the important advantage that the same installation isn't needed in all buildings. With DUOX, one can choose an audio or a video door entry system in the same installation. This means maximum flexibility and a competitive advantage.

Although the video door entry system represents a higher cost in the construction of a building, we must remember that it is a security investment for the end user, in addition to creating better brand image for the construction company or developer. A video door entry system is a basic security element. It is an indication of the construction standards of the building.

 In any case, with DUOX by Fermax, it is no longer necessary to choose audio or video door entry system for the entire building. In each apartment, the developer can decide on an individual basis or leave the decision on the communication system to the final buyer.

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