Heirloom by Match

Project details

Address: 36 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle
Country: Australia
Architect: CCN Architects
Promoter: Match

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A Landmark in West Australia

Located in the heart of Fremantle, Heirloom apartments boasts the lifestyle of being close to everything.

This historic four-storey building has been be magnificently restored and adapted. The building represents the beginning of a fascinating chapter in West Australian history.

The renovation has been architecturally designed for contemporary living. The author of this project is Match, a boutique developer specialised in designing focused residential and commercial projects.
Match creates buildings that are sensitive to both the heritage and urban environments and are contemporary statements in functionality and style
Whilst paying homage to the past, Heirloom development breathes to new life.

The Intercom installation includes Fermax Audio version of the MARINE Digital panel, the anti-vandal outdoor panel, and a minimalist indoor device as the iLOFT door phone, which modern design and white colour fits perfectly in the interior design of each apartment.