Telephone or monitor: what to choose for a community?

November 24, 2016

Choosing from an audio or video door entry system is one of those decisions that often causes headaches at neighbourhood community meetings. While some prefer traditional audio intercoms (telephones), which tend to be economical, other neighbours opting are committed video door entry systems (monitors) for the additional benefits which they offer.

 The most important competitive advantage of video door entry systems is the security that it provides residents, since they are able to see who is knocking on the door and who is being allowed access to the community.

"Although telephones are more economical, monitors provide more security for the user"


Whatever the case may be, we don't need to discuss further what to install in the community, whether it’s telephone or monitor. The Fermax DUOX system opens the door to resolving this "conflict". With DUOX, it isn't necessary to have the same installation in all apartments, since each owner can have the terminal they most desire to be installed at their home. Moreover, if we decide to first install a telephone and later we change our mind, we can easily replace the system with new equipment, with very little work and without troubling the neighbours in any sense.

"With DUOX, each owner can decide what they need in their home"


 Maximum versatility

The versatility of DUOX system makes it compatible with small, medium or large buildings, houses, residential complexes and any other type of property.  This full digital technology offers great capabilities for up to 10 general entrances, up to 10 panels in each interior block, with two simultaneous conversation channels and complete communication privacy. Despite its advanced features it's a simple technology, which also reduces the errors and costs of installation. It is a full digital technology, with just two wires (non polarised) installation,  making the presence of some intermediate elements such as switchers, distributors or splitters unnecessary, which are usually required with analogue technology set-ups.



Full digitisation of audio, video and data

With the mission of transforming communication in buildings with its low cost and simplified installation, DUOX presents a standardised quality of audio and video with complete digitisation of data, creating an almost unlimited capacity, free of annoying interferences. Incorporating DUOX into a building is a bridge towards the future and coming improvements in domestic communications facilities. DUOX is a great first step that prepares houses, buildings and residential complexes for the upcoming innovations and features of smart homes.



Technology compatible with existing wiring

The DUOX system is the first full digital 'Smart System' employing only two non polarised wires system. This technology is compatible with the existing “older” wiring in the building. This includes twisted pair wiring, 5 wires, Cat 5,multi wire, or even an old doorbell cable, as long as it remains in good condition. Incompatibility of connections is now a thing of the past. If necessary, we also offer the option of connecting cables without downgrading the quality of communication, due to the excellent stability of the transmission.

"Ideally each neighbour decides which terminal better meets their necessities, and with DUOX this becomes possible."

What is best for a community? Audio or video door entry system?  Ideally, each neighbour decides what best meets their necessities. When installing outdoor entry panel with a camera, each user can choose between the security and advanced features of the door entry monitor or the low-priced option in the case of the telephone.  Now, the decision between telephone and monitor will not create any more discussions for the neighbourhood meeting.


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