Case Study: Fermax Delivering Advanced Networked Door Entry to Cardiff residents

July 25, 2019

After considering numerous options, both residents and the management team decided that the new Fermax Meet system would be ideal for their needs not just in terms of features, innovative designs and ease of use but also offering the ability to meet the requirements of site security.



Working with Fermax Engineers, in order to design the optimal system layout, security specialists Eurosec, Cardiff commissioned the installation of a LAN on site in fibre optic cable due to the distances involved between blocks.



 UTP to FO converters (media converter) were installed along with a new cat 6 cable and 8-way PoE switches in the riser of the first block Bordeaux House consisting of 35 Fermax Wit 7inch monitors and 4 Fermax Wit 10inch monitors.

The installation also comprised a Fermax Meet guard unit located in the security office. 


FERMAX WIT monitor


This is the first phase in the upgrade of over 1000 apartments on the site with further blocks being added over the course of 2019 and 2020. 

Fermax UK offered free on-site commissioning of the system prior to hand-over as part of a commitment to ensure a hassle free upgrade.

Fermax partner Eurosec, Cardiff commented on the ease of installation and programming of the Fermax Meet system and reduction in onsite time and costs.

Ease of use of the feature rich Meet system which offers mobile phone connectivity as well as IP integration with 3rd party systems such as CCTV and Smart Home was a deciding factor for both residents and managers in opting for the Fermax solution.