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The new CityMax guard unit has a 4” screen, dialling keypad (located under the phone handset) and fast access function buttons for easy and convenient facility and guard unit management.

Extra flat...


The new CityMax guard unit has a 4” screen, dialling keypad (located under the phone handset) and fast access function buttons for easy and convenient facility and guard unit management.

Extra flat format, made in high impact ABS plastic and with a mirror polish type finish for easy cleaning.
Includes desktop support. Allows surface installation.

Basically, the Central Guard Unit acts as "filter" between the visitors to a building and its residents. During normal operation, the calls made from any outdoor access panel to the building are received in the Central Guard Unit, which can announce the visit to the corresponding resident, pass on the call, or deal with it personally.The guard unit, through its built-in display, informs on all incidents and actions in the facility: call source, call type, call in progress, calls waiting, latest communication, etc. The guard unit has several operating modes.The guard unit can communicate with any access (outdoor panel) or home.

MDS Digital system: Simplified BUS installation digital audio and video door entry system that lets you manage buildings and residential complexes of unlimited size and able to integrate all the community services:
- Audio and Video Door Entry Systems
- Intercommunication between accesses.
- Access Control
- Centralized and automated security

Requires Central Unit/s to manage the installation (Capacity per UC: 9999 homes, 32 accesses/guard units. Can link up to 63 UCs). Can be either general entrances or interior blocks.
MDS systems require floor Decoders to connect the homes to the installation BUS and act as insulators. Home-panel communication is private.

- Audio: 6-wire bus.
- Video: audio bus + Coaxial (video) + 2 power supply wires.
Maximum distance in the installation depending on the cable section used (see technical manuals).

Centralized AC Plus Access Control System. Composed of one part hardware: AC Plus central units, readers, decoders, etc. and one part software that lets you configure and manage the installation, by means of installer applications and multi-post user.

Restricts access to certain private zones of a facility (office, warehouse, factory, sports area) to those persons not in possession of a authorized credential or identification.

Enables complete management of an installation with several doors and advanced access control functions: restrictions by user groups, both spatial (areas) and temporal (schedules), anti-passback function, capacity limitation, greater user capacity, activation of devices from the reader, recording of incidents for consultation later, control or security centre.

In contrast with other systems, AC Plus access control lets you integrate other complementary functions with no need for additional controllers:
- Vehicle control.
- Double Anti-passback.
- Intercommunication. For those accesses where we have to allow access to other people from outside the facility. By pressing a button we contact the control centre and access is permitted from there.
- Technical or intruder alarms. Each entrance and exit can be programmed with a detection and action time.
- Automation. Weekly programmer which can schedule up to 32 daily activations of relays and arming of sensors, individually or in groups.

The user information and associated restrictions are stored in a AC Plus Central Unit that takes the decisions to permit or deny access.In facilities that exceed these specifications (more readers or users) up to 63 central units can be grouped together.

Reader wiring: 2 wires + screened twisted pair
Intercommunication wiring. 4 wires + screened twisted pair

Technical Specifications

Desktop and surface installation.
Dimensions: 211x211x60 mm (height-width-depth):

Power supply:
- Audio: 12 Vdc
- Video: 18 Vdc

Power supply: 12 Vdc

Door release button included.

Display: Provides diverse information during handling of the Central Guard Unit.

Guard Unit - Home communication key

Outdoor Panel - Home communication key

Guard Unit – Outdoor Panel communication key

Guard Unit – Intercom Panel key

Home – Home communication key

Dialler keypad. Located under the phone handset. Serves to enter the telephone number of the house to call, consult call queues, etc.

Search keys: Let you look for the name of the resident you wish to call.

Call key (bell): To call house phones or other guard units.

Weight: 2,199243 kg

Size of product when packed: 29x26x24,5 cm

EAN 13: 8424299025377