Connectivity, our present and future commitment

Connectivity, our present and future commitment

March 30, 2022

Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the way society acts and interacts. The home has taken on a special role, making people give greater importance to the devices inside their homes, demanding more features to make their daily lives more comfortable, safer and easier. 

Immediacy, ubiquity, the emergence of smart cities, IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing set the current technological trend and force companies to reinvent their business models and their relationship with their customers. The key to success is no longer the product, but the experience offered to the user through connected products.

Our mission is to be leaders in connected video door entry systems. For this reason, we started a transformation process towards a digital business model focused on the connectivity of our products and installations. This has involved the digitalisation of our processes and products, a greater commitment and investment in R&D, the creation of a Software unit and the alliance with technological partners to reinforce our leadership.

In recent months we have established strategic alliances with emerging technology companies such as Dekalabs, a startup that develops customised projects, solutions and digital products using disruptive technologies, of which we acquired 20% to advance our technological growth.

We also acquired 8% of the startup Qvadis, which specialises in developing solutions adapted to the needs of each home and accessible to everyone through products designed for smart homes and SMEs. 

We want to be a player in smart cities by converting residential buildings into smart buildings, taking advantage of the connectivity of our products and installations to provide the comfort and safety that the user is currently searching for and demanding.

Are you ready for connectivity?