Video Door Entry Systems

Electronic door entry and video door entry systems


Fermax video door entry monitors open the door to a world of possibilities for communication, security and home comfort. Our range includes everything from monitors with the essential features to IP video door entry systems integrating home automation control features.


Our range of telephones combines the Fermax design in audio version with different aesthetic approaches and features depending on the preferences of the end user.

Outdoor Panels

We have a wide variety of audio and video panels: modular and versatile, anti-vandal and even panels with high design touch screens. Find the perfect outdoor panel for your project.


All the elements required to install an audio or video door entry system supplied in one box.


We provide the most suitable technology for every type of installation in order to meet the needs and budgetary requirements of each client.

Door Lock Release

Devices installed in the frame of the door to control the lock release from a remote location.