Communicate without any barriers

Communicate without any barriers

March 30, 2022

We believe that communication and connectivity at home should be accessible to everyone. Thus, the inclusion of people with disabilities is always present in the development of our solutions from the very beginning.

The evolution of technology has enabled the development of signs, symbols and icons that help us and make our day-to-day life easier. We subscribe to this social and living philosophy designing products to be accessible and intuitive to guarantee no barriers in communication

For instance, all DUOX PLUS monitors are also available with inductive loop, which transforms audio signal into a magnetic field adapted to hearing aids. Thanks to it, people with hearing impairment can also receive notifications, manage calls from the monitor and open the door in complete security.

Besides, DUOX PLUS WiFi monitors include the call divert functionality to receive intercom calls on your smatphone, so you can answer the call or open the door from anywhere in the world. This allows people with hearing disabilities to configurate the intercom call notifications into vibration mode to manage their home's communication and accessibility from their smatphones. Or that people with reduced mobility can open the door from their mobile phone without having to pick up the intercom's handset.

Usually these luminous symbols go unnoticed, but the OneToOne informative modules make communication a universal language. By placing them in the outdoor panels people with hearing and visual disabilities can easily interact with others. When the module is placed at the right distance, this option is also available for people with reduced mobility.

All these functionalities are just examples of how inclusion is an essential aspect of the design, development and manufacture of all our products. It is a commitment that is part of our values.