New WIT monitor with Android 10, the most compatible IP video intercom with Home Automation

New WIT monitor with Android 10, the most compatible IP video intercom with Home Automation

September 28, 2023

We update our MEET monitors' range with the launch of the new WIT Android 10, the most compatible IP monitor on the market when it comes to integration with home automation systems and other smart home technologies.

Our WIT monitor is the best technological and aesthetic option in many residential projects, integrating with other existing systems in the home and reducing installation costs by becoming the main interface for managing video door entry calls and other functions.

Integration without limits

With the new WIT monitor, compatibility is simple and unlimited, with the ability to upload applications on the monitor to manage home automation systems, climate control, etc. This opens up a world of possibilities for the professional when it comes to adapting the communication, security or third-party integration functions with third parties according to the project.

MEET-compatible brands include leading manufacturers such as Airzone, Schneider, Nice, Eelectron, Iddero, Control4, ThinKNX, Jung, Gira, LogicMachine, Divus, ConfortClick, Crestron and Astrum. Step-by-step integration guides for each manufacturer can be found here.

The user experience is also improved, as WIT allows the home automation management screen to always be displayed. When a call is received from the video door entry system, a preview of the caller's video is automatically displayed and when the call ends, the monitor returns to the main screen.

Increased capacity and ease of installation

Among its technical features, the new WIT monitor has a more powerful processor and greater RAM memory compared to the previous model. It is available with a 7" or 10" touch screen and in two colours (black and white). Both models support PoE power supply, so no additional power supply is required when using a PoE switch.

In addition, the two RJ-45 connectors included in the 10" monitor are perfect for separating the building's shared IP network from the private network of the apartment where the home automation system is located.

Users can also answer video door entry calls from their mobile phone thanks to the MEET ME call forwarding app, a service that comes standard with the monitor at no extra cost. Up to 8 users per apartment can answer calls, connect to the outdoor panel camera and open the door from anywhere.

They will also be able to make calls from the monitor between different rooms, have a history of images of the calls received, view CCTV IP cameras and open secondary doors.