MEET integrates with the solutions of Airzone and TOA

MEET integrates with the solutions of Airzone and TOA

April 26, 2023

More manufacturers join our WORKS WITH programme and trust on the flexibility and adaptability of our 100% IP video door entry system. MEET is now compatible with Airzone’s air-conditioning systems and TOA’s public address (PA) systems and IP speakers, offering more communication solutions to the business sector and adding comfort in smart homes.

Controlling the air-conditioning from the monitor

The WIT IP monitor has proven to be the best technological and aesthetic option in many residential projects as it can be integrated with other existing systems. This also helps to reduce the cost as the monitor becomes the main interface for managing video door entry calls and other parameters of the smart home.

Now, thanks to the integration of MEET with Aidoo, Airzone’s air-conditioning equipment controller, it is possible to manage the home communication and the air-conditioning from the WIT monitor and reduce the number of devices installed, even in those residences without home automation system. 

The user can also answer the video door entry calls and open the door from their mobile phone thanks to the MEET ME app as well as control the temperature in the house via the Airzone Cloud app.

You can find more information about MEET and Airzone’s integration here.


Compatibility with PA systems and IP speakers

TOA Electronics is a leading manufacturer of PA systems and IP speakers. Their products are compatible with the SIP protocol, which means that our MEET system can communicate with them. It is a very useful integration for the business sector, as for example the MEET IP guard unit can be used to send warning messages through the TOA PA system or even communicate with the speakers from any location using the smartphone thanks to the MEET ME app.

Find out more about MEET and TOA's integration here.