We put a QR sticker on our WiFi monitors

We put a QR sticker on our WiFi monitors

October 25, 2022

Is my video intercom WiFi? This may be one of the doubts that users may have when they move into a new home in which they have one of our DUOX PLUS monitors installed. 

Until now, for them, the difference between a WiFi monitor and a normal one was almost unnoticed at an aesthetic level. For this reason, from now on all our WiFi monitors will include a QR sticker to inform the users that the monitor in their home has the BLUE by Fermax mobile call divert service.

Pairing, advice and technical support

By reading the QR code, the users will access directly the new web page about our BLUE by Fermax service. On this website, which will available very soon, they will be able to find out the main advantages of having a WiFi monitor as well as download the App and see video tutorials for pairing their monitor and starting to use BLUE.

Additionally, users will also have direct access to our Support Centre to solve the most frequent doubts or contact BLUE's technical team. 

Thanks to this website, the users will be just one click away from all the information and support they need in order to start enjoying the advantages of having their intercom on their mobile.