Lynx by FERMAX

LYNX, the new concept from FERMAX, technologically based on a un full TCP/IP system that provides state-of-the-art management of communication, security with simplicity of use for the world's most prestigious residential and commercial complexes.

With the development of the LYNX system, Fermax successfully combines the features and flexibility offered by TCP/IP technology with practical solutions to the needs of architectural and systems designers, and ultimately end users.

To compliment this innovative system we have created VIVO, the video entry monitor that aspires to be the home’s most technological interface.  

Monitor Vivo

LYNX is also incorporated in the SKYLINE outdoor panels, the modular solution from FERMAX and is also available in the Marine range.

Placas FERMAX con tecnología LYNX

The range is further enhanced with the Property Management Unit, a powerful management software that is simple and intuitive to use and provides three levels of access.

Central de Gestión Residencial

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The new LYNX technology is already available, you may find detailed information in the LYNX section of our 2014 GENERAL CATALOGUE.

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