VEO-XS by Fermax

VEO-XS by Fermax
Veo by Fermax




Our new Extra-Slim VEO-XS monitor is reduced in size.

This, combined with its high-quality materials and excellent finish, make this monitor the ideal accessory for any modern, functional home, integrating seamlessly and adding a touch of quality to any living space.

Small in size, big in performance 

The new VEO-XS includes all the elements you are looking for in a 4.3-inch wide-screen colour video door entry system: hands-free technology, call and conversation, volume control, auto-start, image control, ringtone selection and silent mode.


VEO-XS avoids the need for a handset and allows for simple, intuitive handsfree communication. Extra-easy operation, it can be used with just one finger. 

Answering a call and starting a conversation is now as simple as pressing a button. In addition, the OSD menu and the layout of the buttons allow you to access any of the functions using just your finger.


VEO-XS is an essential development of the Veo monitor.

It is a practically indispensable option for those users who want to make the leap into video, enjoying the simplicity, service and comfort of hands-free technology.




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Veo-XS by Fermax
Veo-XS by Fermax
Veo by Fermax