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VEO WIFI is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that allows calls forwarding to mobile devices. Thanks to the Fermax BLUE app, available free of charge on Play Store and App Store, the functions of the...


VEO WIFI is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that allows calls forwarding to mobile devices. Thanks to the Fermax BLUE app, available free of charge on Play Store and App Store, the functions of the video doorphone can be managed from a smartphone or a tablet, in order to connect you to your home, wherever you are. The DUOX VEO WIFI monitor is made of high-impact ABS plastic. It incorporates a 4,3” (16:9) panoramic color TFT screen. Its unique handset design incorporating a magnet enables the user to put it back into position correctly when the call is finished. Its balanced design of pure lines is distinguishing, modern and minimal.

Specyfikacje Techniczne

Technology: DUOX PLUS (non-polarised 2 wire full digital system)
Audio/Video system: Audio/Video Color
Set-up (Installation): Surface mounted (order connector ref. 9447 separately)
Desktop support: Yes (ref. 9410)
Handset with magnet to facilitate the hang up: Yes
Induction loop available: Yes (replace handset with ref. 3443 or order monitor ref. 9455 which already includes the induction loop))
Screen dimensions: 4,3” (Panoramic 16:9)
Screen resolution (H x V): 480 x 272
Color of the product: Matt white
Number of pushbuttons: 4
Kind of pushbuttons: Mechanical (silicone)
Number of leds for lighted indications: 1 (red with 3 states: always ON, slow/fast blinking)

From the terminal: From the OSD menu
From the outdoor panel or guard unit: Yes
From the outdoor panel throughout the apartment door bell: Yes

Automatic picture capture when the visitor calls (PHOTOCALLER): Yes (1 photo/call, until 150 photos, 368 x 288 pixels). This feature can be enabled by the user.  Disabled by default.
Guard unit call: Yes (by means of the door release button)
Auto-on: Yes (with 3 outdoor panels/cameras)
OSD menu: Yes
Additional function F1: Yes (Button F1 sends a negative and/or command)
Additional function F2: Yes (it only sends command, no negative)
Apartment door bell differentiated from the outdoor panel: Yes
Connection for additional devices (call extension, light/buzzer activator, etc.): Yes (ref. 2040, ref. 2438, ref. 3267)
Additional terminals on the same address: Yes, max. 2 additional terminals (additional power supply can be required)
Doormatic (automatic door release for offices, etc.): No

Date and time: Yes
Ring tones selection: Yes (5). Configurable for Block Panel 0, Block Panel 1, General Entrace Panel 0 and Concierge unit.
Call volume control: Yes (10 levels by OSD menu)
Do-not-disturb mode: Yes (by OSD menu) + Red led indication
Audio volume control: Yes (10 levels by OSD menu)
Brightness, color and contrast control: Yes (by OSD menu)

Product dimensions (width x height x depth) mm: 200 x 200 x 23 (44 including handset)
Time to answer or open the door since the call is done: 30 s.
Conversation time: 90 s.
Conversation privacy: Yes
Voltage: 18-24 Vdc
Maximum consumption: 5.6 W
Standby consumption (paired and connected): 1.3 W
Working temperature (ºC, ºF), Humidity: [-5ºC, +40ºC][23ºF, 104ºF], [0%, 90%]
Line adaptor included in the terminal: Yes (A, C, default position OFF)
Connections: Bin, Bin, Bout, Bout, -, A+, F1, T

Call forwarding to smartphones and tablets: Yes (App Compatible with iOS>,=11, Android>,=6)
Connectivity: Wifi (2,4 Ghz) and 3G/4G
Pairing of the monitor with the wifi router of the house: Once the App is installed, the user must register first. Pairing by scanning a QR code in the monitor menu.
Maximum number of apartments that can be managed from the App: No limit
Maximum number of smartphones/tablets where call divert from the same house can be used: 10 (including administrator’s and invited user’s devices)
Maximum number of users that can be invited by the administrator: 5
Calls reception: Audio and Video from outdoor panels/concierge units. With pre-view before audio communication is on.
Conversation time: 90 s.
Mute: Yes
Video off: To reduce the data consumption when being in 4G mode
Switching of outdoor panels/cameras: Yes. It allows for switching to other panels/cameras (if any) with the same sequence than the monitors.
Auto-on: Yes. communication possible with 3 outdoor panels/cameras without being called
Activate additional feature (stairlight relay, second door, etc.): Yes. F1 button.
Door opening: Yes, protected by the unblocking code of the smartphone/tablet: PIN, fingerprint, pattern or face ID.
Concierge call: Yes
Calls register: Yes (answered calls in green, missed calls in red)
Settings: Name and picture of the house, Do not disturb, Change password, Ringtone and vibration mode.
Picture &, Video capture: Not from the APP. Only automatically from the monitor
Available languages: 16 (Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic)

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