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How to set up Tibbo for remote access.

14 lutego 2017

This document explains how to set a connection between an installation with a TIBBO device and a remote computer, both connected to Internet. Any system connected to Internet can be managed remotely. It can be monitored, modified and upated.

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1. Procedure to configure the TIBBO device locally:

1.1 Connect the Central Unit to the Tibbo.

The first step is to connect the Central Unit to Ethernet (LAN) using the TIBBO. About this connection, there are two options:

  • If you are not using the FXL-BUS (with just one Central Unit), you also need the interface Ref.2466 between the Central Unit and the TIBBO such as you can see on the following image:

  • If you are using the FXL-BUS (with more than one Central Unit), you can use the interface Ref.2338 to connect the TIBBO in the system:

1.2 Set Tibbo properties.

Once the TIBBO is connected to the system, it will be necessary to set its properties. For this task, we have two different softwares: DS MANAGER and VSP MANAGER.

  • DS MANAGER configures the connection parameters between PC and Remote Management Terminal (TIBBO).
  • VSP MANAGER configures a virtual port for connecting by a remote way to the installation.


First, launch the DS MANAGER using a PC connected to the same LAN. When the DS Manager application starts up, it runs a test on the network, searching for the Remote Management Terminals connected in such LAN. All of them will be shown in a list automatically:

Select the corresponding TIBBO related to this installation and click on SETTINGS. Next window will appear:

These parameters are the most important to introduce (red marked):

  • The IP address of your TIBBO.
  •  Gateway IP address of your LAN.
  •  Subnet mask of your LAN.

*Optionally (orange marked), you can use DCHP configuration. Tibbo will get the IP-address, Subnet mask and Gateway IP automatically.

NOTE: You can check the parameters of your LAN in the Windows Console -> ipconfig –all

Click on “SERIAL PORT” tab and set the TIBBO as follows:

  • Baud rate for Wincom+: 9600.
  • Baud rate for AC+: 38400.

1.3 Configure WAN access in our gateway.

In the router where the TIBBO is connected, access to the router web server and configure the DMZ Host with our TIBBO´s IP address (Private IP). For example, in our case,

NOTE: This image can be different, depending the router brand and model.

2. Procedure to set the remote connection:

2.1 Install TDST Tool in the remote PC.

Install in this PC the same Tibbo softwares.

2.2 Open VSP Manager

Open TIBBO VSP MANAGER. This software will create a Virtual port (as the typical COM ports that you select in AC+ or Wincom+ software’s). When the virtual port is created, select this port in our Access Control software (AC+ or Wincom+) for connecting to the Central Unit to manage the system remotely.

Click on ADD to add a new virtual COM port to the list. You will see the next window:

In this window, click on Browse for DS and DS MANAGER Window will be open:

Select Address Book and click on Add:

In this screen we will set the Public IP address of the Tibbo´s router and the 65535 port UDP.

You can find the public IP of any LAN by using:

NOTE: We strongly recommend a fixed public IP address to avoid this configuration may change.

Check that the Tibbo is connected (blue tag) and press Select:

Once the Tibbo has been selected, in VSP, additionally, set the networking parameters as it is indicated on the picture below:

In “device manager” you can see that the virtual port has been created properly:

Now, the TIBBO Ref.1087 should be ready to use. Run AC+ or Wincom+ software and connect to the virtual port created with VSP to manage the access control system.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with FERMAX’s After Sales Department if you have any doubt or if you require any further assistance about this device.