Presentation of our new General Catalogue 2022

Presentation of our new General Catalogue 2022

January 26, 2022

We are publishing our new General Catalogue 2022 with all the latest developments in solutions for residential communication, access control and connectivity.

With a clear commitment to technological innovation, we focus our strategy on the connectivity of our products and installations for all types of homes, offering users the possibility of forwarding video door entry calls to their mobile phones, answering and opening the door from anywhere in the world. 

In this line, we are expanding our range of CONNECTED KITS for single-family homes with solutions designed for all types of systems and installations, offering the widest range on the market.

Among the connectivity solutions for buildings, we complete the product range of DUOX PLUS, our fully digital two-wire video door entry system, with the addition of new references and new features. Likewise, MEET's 100% IP technology also includes new features that make it the ideal system for integration with third parties in any type of project, whether for integration with home automation or SIP communication systems.

The access control solutions are also updated, focusing the offer on the AC-MAX IP system together with the new DESFIRE technology in the proximity readers.

All in all, our new General Catalogue is an example of how we continue to evolve to adapt to an increasingly connected and digitalised society with solutions that provide greater comfort and security, while maintaining the purpose that has been with them for decades: to unite people and homes with the world.

To download the Catalogue, click here.

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