FERMAX launches DUOX PLUS system

FERMAX launches DUOX PLUS system

June 22, 2020

Today 22nd of June we are proud to announce the launch of DUOX PLUS system, the evolution of our 100% digital DUOX 2-wire system, which allows us to offer much MORE to our professional customers, as well as to the end users of our products, ensuring complete backward compatibility with the DUOX products already installed.

DUOX PLUS offers:

More capacity: longer distances, higher voltage (24V), more monitors per floor, more apartments. There is not a single installation that we cannot do with DUOX PLUS!

More flexibility: greater performance with any cable and greater ease of installation. The cost and time of installation is further reduced with DUOX PLUS, since many installations can be carried out with very few elements: the outdoor panel, the power supply, the indoor terminals and 2 line adapters. Nothing else!

More technology: the technological advance of integrating new more powerful digital processors in our amplifiers and monitors, allows us to have an optimal audio and video quality at any point of the installation, as well as a unique function in the market for a 2-wire system: the second communication channel that allows to have 2 simultaneous conversations (audio and video) with 2 apartments of the same block from 2 different panels.

More functions: with DUOX PLUS, we are launching our new VEO TELEPHONE. Thanks to its fine and elegant design, the VEO telephone integrates perfectly into any interior. The door opener button is located inside the telephone, allowing for greater security before opening the door. We are also releasing a new camera that offers a wider viewing angle.

More Connectivity: if you have a video kit, you are connected! From now on all video kits with DUOX PLUS technology will integrate the Wifi monitor as standard, at the same price, allowing us to have the best offer of connected products on the market.

Our history with connectivity is not only summarized in the products but also in the service we provide to users. In the new version of our BLUE application, which we will publish in July, we will offer faster communication and a new more intuitive design of the app. Always guaranteeing maximum security and privacy for users.

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