We test, for the first time, the benefits of 5G in the logistics sector

We test, for the first time, the benefits of 5G in the logistics sector

September 28, 2022

It is estimated that by 2025, 5G introduction in sectors such as automotive, health and transport will bring indirect benefits of more than 14 million euros in Spain alone, thanks to the great opportunities that this technology offers for development, progress and the future.

That is why, we have not hesitated to be the first in our sector to participate in the PILOTO 5G VALENCIA project (led by ORANGE, Robotnik Automation and Fivecomm) to test the advantages of this technology.


Improved productivity and greater efficiency

Last July, we hosted a pilot test at our production centre in Valencia to demonstrate the use of 5G technology in the logistics sector. During the test, we saw how a remotely controlled robot was able to automate transport tasks in such a dynamic environment as our factory, as shown in the following video:


This demonstration confirmed the great advantages that 5G would have in our production process to, for example, be more efficient in the transport of material and to control remotely and from anywhere in the world the fleet of robots in a simple and instantaneous way.

Being part of this project as a technology partner allows us to advance in the digital transformation of our internal processes. That is why, we collaborate with entities that are committed to innovation and technological development. This project confirms, once again, that innovation is not only important, but also exciting.