We are committed to renewable energies to reduce our carbon footprint

We are committed to renewable energies to reduce our carbon footprint

June 27, 2022

At FERMAX, we are well aware of the importance of caring for the environment and adopting sustainable policies that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. That is why, as manufacturers, we carry out daily different actions to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and achieve a sustainable production cycle that has the least possible impact.

In this regard, we have initiated the transition towards self-consumption and energy efficiency by installing 218 solar panels on a surface area of 514 m2. The generation of a total of 107 kW allow us to save 30% of our electricity consumption both in the factory and in the offices of our headquarters in Valencia (Spain).

An action that has a positive impact on the environment. Each year we will avoid the emission of more than 120Tn of CO2, which is the equivalent of planting between 150 and 200 trees.

Transition to renewable energy

Our commitment to renewable energies is a very important part of the sustainable management of our company. For this reason, we have started a second study to increase the number of solar panels at our headquarters and to implement the same project in the rest of our production centres. Taking advantage of solar energy has also been possible thanks to our privileged location in Valencia, with around 3000 hours of sunshine per year and between 9 and 15 hours of natural light throughout the day.

A common commitment in which all FERMAX team is also involved in awareness-raising actions and good practices that help us to optimise and manage our resources and energy properly to leave a green footprint on our way.